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  • Vape Expo Japan 2018 -BAUWAY

    2018 Vape Expo Japan is the first official vape show in Japan! from March 29th to 31st,2018. Bauway E Vape will make its own contribution to promote vaping culture!

  • What is E-liquid / E-juice ?

    What is E-liquid / E-juice ?The eliquid – also named as ejuice is the liquid used in electronic cigarette for producing vapor and simulating smoking. It’s normally composed of up to 4 ingredients:PG (Propylene glycol)VG (Vegetable Glycerin)Flavor (Hundreds kind of food flavors)Nicotine (You can choo

  • Frequent Asking Questions

    How long can I use a cartridge?It may last several hours to few days, depending on your smoking habit. Normally, a cigarette needs to have about 15 puffs to finish it, while one E-Cartridge needs to have about 150 puffs to finish it completely, so that one E-Cartridge is equivalent to about one hal

  • What is dry herb vaporizer ?

    What is a Dry Herb Vape Pen? Dry Herb Vaporizer maintenance, dry herb vaporizer knoledge

  • April 2018 Shenzhen IECIE expo

    2018 IECIE Expo April

  • FyHit brand_ From Bauway 9 years' vape manufacturer

    FyHit, one of the brands owned by Shenzhen Bauway Technology Co., Ltd., is the name associated with the dry herb vaporizer available. It is designed in-house by our own company founders, and is the perfect balance between style and performance. The hip and sleek design caters to a wide range

  • Smoking Ban And Electronic Cigarettes

    As we know,smoking bans have been popping up across most places around the world for years now. There is evidence on both sides regarding the harmful affects of second hand smoke. Some studies show that second hand smoke is detrimental to those around the smoker and some studies have shown that with

  • New Trend; E-cigarette Smoking

    The popularity of e-cigarette smoking is growing and they are quickly becoming an effective method of harm reduction for smokers, as well as being used as a smoking cessation tool. Although they have not been approved by the FDA as a safe smoking cessation device, this is one of their most popular u

  • How Does the E-Cigar Work?

    Electronic Cigarette or we called E-Cigar or E-Cigarette performs just like a traditional cigarette. It looks like, feels like and tastes like a real cigarette and also provides the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette, but without the fire, flame, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, ash, stub or

  • Does electronic cigarette effect Health?

    The scientific research proof that tar, carbon monoxide and many kinds of irritant smog with toxin carcinogen and so on, are the true pathogenesis of cigarette. They were released when burning. The tar is the chief criminal.How to green smoking? Bauway Electronic cigarette give you the answer.Bauway



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