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    We strive for full customer satisfaction! We will work to make things right. We make gurantee to ship you on time. We will ship to you normally just within 1-2 business days. If we can not ship to you within one week, we will give you half of the shipping cost for FREE. If we can not ship to you within two weeks, we will give you the complete shipping cost for FREE..

    Express Shipping:

    We are using EMS International Express Shipping Services for door-to-door international delivery service. You can look up the shipping rate at www.ems.com.cn, our shipping cost will be much lower than their regular prices. After receiving your payment, we will ship the order to you within 1-5 business days depending on the stock and the daily ordering conditions. Please contact us AFTER 5 business days if you still do not have any shipping information. We may not reply to your inquiry regarding the shipment if you ask the shipping information within 1-5 business days, as there may be many orders waiting on line.

    We will inform you your shipment tracking number, and you can look up the delivery status with the tracking number at www.ems.com.cn. It will take only 4-5 days to deliver to you for your order worldwide normally.

    For EMS, you can not track the package during the midway transportation, you can only track the departure and the arriving information for your package. If you can find your tracking information for your package departure, the package should be delivered to you shortly, please be patient.

    The following table shows our International Express Shipping prices for your package. We suggest you can order as much as you can within the parcel weight range at one time to save your shipping cost. Please check on the shipping cost as well as the weight when you are ordering. For the additional items you are ordering, you may get free shipping without charging any further the shipping cost. We offer also much bigger discount on the wholesale bulk quantity ordering for the total weight more than 20kg.

    International Express Shipping Cost (US$):the price will be adjusted as the EMS guide.


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