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Frequent Asking Questions

Views:6     Author:bauway     Publish Time: 2017-09-20      Origin:Site

How long can I use a cartridge?
It may last several hours to few days, depending on your smoking habit. Normally, a cigarette needs to have about 15 puffs to finish it, while one E-Cartridge needs to have about 150 puffs to finish it completely, so that one E-Cartridge is equivalent to about one half pack of cigarette theoretically. However, the E-Cartridge can not be finished completely as the cigarette, there is always about 30% of the E-Liquid rest inside the E-Cartridge when the smoke get reduced, so that normally one E-Cartridge has only about 100 puffs. Therefore, One E-Cartridge is equivalent to 6-7 cigarettes, that is, a smoker will consume about 3 E-Cartridges in one day if he/she smokes a pack of cigarettes in one day.

Can your cartridges be used in the other brands of electronic smoking products?
The cartridges for the E-Cigar, E-Cigarette or E-Pipe can be used in other brands, such as Ruyan E-Cigar, E-Cigarette or E-Pipe respectively.

Can I add the Liquid when there is no or less liquid in the cartridge?
Yes, you can add the Liquid in the cartridge for the E-Cigar, E-Cigarette or E-Pipe, so that you do not need to bring so many cartridges with you all the time. You can try to put the E-Liquid as much as possible as suggested in the messageboard . We recommend that you use another new cartridge after you have added totally about 5ml Liquid.

Should I charge the battery when I first use?
Yes, you need to charge the battery first until the light of the charger becomes green from red. We recommend you charge one more hour when the light becomes green.

Do you offer free shipping?
You may get free shipping without charging any further the shipping cost when you are ordering additional items. We are using UPS, DHL, TNT Express shipping companies for door-to-door international delivery service. We have very special discount shipping rate as shown in the Shipping Section. We suggest you can order as much as you can within the parcel weight range at one time to save your shipping cost. Please check on the shipping cost as well as the weight when you are ordering. We offer also bigger discount on the wholesale bulk quantity ordering for the total weight more than 20kg.

Why there is not so much difference for the different tastes?
when you taste the different tastes, if you use the same e-Cigar without cleaning the inside residual liquid, you will not be able to taste well the difference for the different tastes, as the different tastes have been mixed. If you smell the different tastes or if you taste with the different e-Cigar where there is no residual liquid, you will taste well the difference.

How can I clean the Atomizer?
Actually there is not yet effective way to clean any atomizer of the electronic smoking products without damage it. What we can suggest are the followings:
1. It is not so necessary to clean the atomizer inside actually, which can have 300-400 degrees to clean itself when vaponizing.
2. If you think the atomizer get blocked after certain period of usage, it's better to replace the atomizer. You should have saved a lot of money if it got blocked after the normal usage, you should reward yourselve a new atomizer.

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