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Ciggo P case _portable power bank for 808d batteries

charging case power bank function for 808d e-cigarettes

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Portable Charging Case vape pen for 808d battery vaporizer pen case

Ciggo P case _ Charing case, power bank function for e-cigarette Japanese vape 808D batteries.

Battery Capacity: 950mAh
LED lights indicate different power status
Charger case for PL battery
Storage case for PLbatteries, pL tobacco capsule
Put 808D battery inside the case , device will charge the battery automatically


P case charging: micro charging port 

Output: dual charging placement for 808d batteries.

Working voltage: 3.7 V

Color: White / Black

Weight: 65g 

Packaging: PC box , one kit includes: 1 P case , 1 Micro USB 


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